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Mathematicians Party♻
@IDR93413102 It really depends on life experiences and what people think the solution is. For many it's not so much… https://t.co/0ZfE24626D
Mathematicians Party♻
What is your biggest concern about the cost of living right now? #auspol
Mathematicians Party♻
RT @MathsParty_MPA: Fill the blanks: 'Australia is a lucky country run mainly by _________ people who share its luck' #auspol #qanda
Mathematicians Party♻
RT @MathsParty_MPA: Should interest rate be put on the table as an election issue considering the impact of lifting them? #auspol #qanda
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Mathematicians Party of Australia (MPA) Vision Statement

MPA has formed because the future of our world is too important for Australian economic, social and foreign policy to be missing the critical voice of informed policy guidance including that of expert mathematical, full-life systems consideration.

Mathematicians Party of Australia is a future focused organisation which facilitates the development of mathematical systems understanding and modelling by integrating and facilitating collaboration across horizontal stacks of expertise. Mathematicians Party structure and decision-making technology enables a horizontal integration of views into policy recommendations from subject matter experts across all mathematical fields as well as scientists, farmers, researchers, educators, artists, engineers, psychologists, architects, health professionals, designers, community groups, politicians, academics, people on the street, small and big business, educators and thought and action leaders. Our solutions offering and methodology is required to chart humanity through a complex and transitory time in its history.




We are currently calling on representatives who can show a track record of commitment to excellence, knowledge and leadership. All representatives are required to respect our freedoms to be equal, prosperous and have human rights of freedom, happiness and self fulfillment in life.


Our Promise to you and your Promise to us

Your vote, will improve the outcomes for the group as a whole, and as an individual, as long as you commit to safety, knowledge, self improvement, doing your best, and treating our ecosystem, community and neighbours with respect, you will have all of our support. 


Creating our Voice

MPA's voice is developed through collaboration, as well as through the work of mathematical minds and those that simply would like to interact with a political party which is dedicated to improving the mathematical logic of decisions.

If you don't believe us, don't follow what we say yet what we do. The Virtual Parliament Project is our promise to the world to develop a solution to have  preferences integrated and promoted on merit, starting with mitigating negative behaviours, externalities and moral hazards. 

The Mathematicians Party is an emerging voice in Australian and International Affairs. 


History and Achievements

MPA was founded in 2015 and is not currently a registered political party in Australia.


Learn more

We'd love to join you on your journey! With our passion for mathematical ideas, diagnosis, analysis we are improving on how Australia manages dynamic and emerging systems by providing a critical mathematical voice and expert opinion.