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@IDR93413102 It really depends on life experiences and what people think the solution is. For many it's not so much… https://t.co/0ZfE24626D
Mathematicians Party♻
What is your biggest concern about the cost of living right now? #auspol
Mathematicians Party♻
RT @MathsParty_MPA: Fill the blanks: 'Australia is a lucky country run mainly by _________ people who share its luck' #auspol #qanda
Mathematicians Party♻
RT @MathsParty_MPA: Should interest rate be put on the table as an election issue considering the impact of lifting them? #auspol #qanda
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Official Policy Statement


 2018 Election Policies


Current draft to be signed off and released by May 2018.





2016 Election Policies

1. Implementation of The Chief Mathematician Office

Australia’s Chief Mathematician provides high-level independent advice to the Prime Minister and other Ministers on matters relating to the interface of mathematics with society, prosperity, technology and innovation for Australians.

The Chief Mathematician is to oversee vision, development and maintenance of a working strategy to improve the reach and depth of mathematical capabilities of all Australians, and to interface with key mathematical stakeholders inclusive of educators and policymakers to ensure that Australia is ahead of the curve in mathematics. 

2. Financial System Roadmap

Implement a roadmap to work at the domestic and global level to stabilize mathematical defects inherent in the financial and economic system and provide global leadership in supporting nations cooperate to find shared solutions to common problems of budget deficit, unsustainable levels of debt, currency rate competition and the impact of financial creation on poor environmental and social outcomes. 

3. Standards Innovation

Implementation of triple bottom line accounting measurement and reporting standards for Australian businesses and services.

4. Systems Modelling Group

Development of an independent modelling group that combines earth systems, finance, social, taxation and other models into the one system and optimizes for outcomes other than GDP growth alone - and begins the process of using knowledge to generate better outcomes for equity, environment in Australia and the region.

5. Human, Animal and Environmental Rights Roadmap for the Region

Development of a human, animal and environmental rights judiciary system to be developed with local regional partners over the coming decade 

6. Probity Office and Political Donations Roadmap

Development of a Probity Office tasked with implementing a roadmap for managing conflicts of interest, political donations and corruption in Australia and from investments from international jurisdictions.

7. Negative Gearing

A cap on negative gearing for all individuals at 10,000 dollars per year across all investment classes to a lifetime limit of 150,000 dollars per person.






Conflicts of Interests Register

No conflicts of interest.


History & Charter

Mathematicians Party of Australia (MPA) was founded in 2015 in Australia.

As a future focused organisation, MPA's physical headquarters are currently located in Darwin, Australia, which is proximate to the Asian gateway and results in reduced regional travel for the leadership team.

MPA's Charter will be published on the website at a future date.


Decision Making Process

Mathematicians Party is structured between stacks of subject matter experts, with a facilitation team promoting horizontal exchange of ideas across disciplines and also housing an enhanced systems modelling capability.

All representatives are entitled to represent their own views once elected members of Parliament, however must state where they are in conflict with MPA's official views. Views where different to the party official view for any member, will be documented on our website, along with the rationale of that member.

Mathematicians Party's official views will be resultant of detailed modelling, discussion, testing and due diligence, and the rationale for the policies will be published in full, so that members of the public can support in improving the policy decision where they can identify an issue with the policy logic and present a case for a revised policy.



Mathematicians Party share interests with many educational, research, and action oriented organisations around the world, and will list any formal and informal partnerships of collaboration agreements on our website.



The key objectives for 2016 as of 1 January, 2016:

i. Have fun in maths, support younger generations to develop systems thinking and analysis skills and to become diplomats for mathematical systems modelling between policy makers, business, environment, and other fields.

ii. Design and Run a competition for a mathematical design of a democratic voting system that best solves for Arrow's Theorem (www.smart.org.au for more details). The project is being run by independent not for profit think tank, ethicethary. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to be involved.

iii. Develop a Mathematical based systems model and associated briefing papers that engage with the Australian political process

iv. Be a community supporter of Australian and global mathematicians and maths teachers and explore voices, ideas and actions.

v. Support the elevation of mathematics as a core deliverable in all Australian schools, homes and businesses!

vi. Develop a model for attracting and organising elite talent stacks to deliver results.

vii. Register as an Australian political party with your approval if we get crazy enough or if the world gets too crazy for us not to, whatever happens first.


Communications -

You can find us on twitter by searching for the handle @MathsParty_MPA

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Encrypted web chat: www.appear.in/3.142 [operation hours 3-5pm EST or by appointment]


Publications 2017

Maths Party Submission to the Senate's Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission


Publications 2016

Maths Party Submission to DFAT in response to TPP in relations to Systems Modelling Assumptions and Objectives Jan 2016 [Part 1]

Maths Party Submission to Senate Reform Bill 2016 (negotiating with Parliamentary Committee rep to be heard)

Maths Party Submission to Parliamentary Committee in Relation to Review of  Foreign Investment Framework, March 2016


Publications 2015

Financial System Inquiry Submission to Australian Department of Treasury